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 Our company has started to offer electric charging station products service as of October 2020.
Our company is a Schneider dealer in E-Car products.
 Our company provides services within Eleksa Elektrik
 You can access information about our products on our website and learn more.
 You can contact us 24/7 via our communication channels.
 Our company carries out shipment in Istanbul every day.

Our Products

EVlink Wallbox is weatherproof and robust. It can be used in harsh environments, at home and private property (condominium, corporate parking, hotel)...). The range is made of Wallbox Standard and Wallbox Plus. In addition to all the functions available in the Wallbox Standard, the Wallbox Plus is now equipped with a built-in protection against direct currents and a device to avoid exceeding signed electrical power (available only with electronic auxiliary meters in France).

Setting up a charging station at home, the host provides access to equipment specifically designed to withstand long-term use every day.Owning an electric vehicle, a safe and easy-to-use charging system at home
it requires to be. Schneider Electric he designed residential charging stations to meet this need in the best possible way.Residential charging stations, new or old, monophase or Triphase, can be installed in all kinds of household installations.

Transportation is constantly improving, and very soon electric vehicles will be an important part of the transportation we use on our way to work. One of the advantages the company offers its employees may be the ability to charge electric vehicles. This can be accomplished by various methods, such as completely free, free but with or without definition, and billing users. Various scenarios provided by charging infrastructures developed by Schneider Electric for electric vehicles.

The development of electric vehicles created new needs, such as service stations expanding their electrical installations to comply with the law.

Users may need to recharge their batteries quickly to continue their journey. With fast charging, 80% of the battery capacity can be filled in less than 15 minutes. This short time is perfect for a little break or snack at the service station store.


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